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Furepe Waterfall Snowshoe

Tour time:


Total 2 hours and half


1st.DEC - 31th.MAR

Entry qualifications:

Persons who is 7 years old or more can join this tour.


*Please refrain from taking videos during the guide commentary.

1. The tour might be cancelled or discontinued because of the bad weather condition or unexpected accidents.

2. You will walk about 2 hours and half in snowing forest. Please wear warm clothes. Long pants, a sweater, fleece jacket, and waterproofjacket and pants on top. Woolen gloves, woollen cap, neck warmer, thick socksand sunglasses or goggles to keep you from cold.

3. Please refrain from consuming alcohol immediately before the tour, and refrain from consuming alcohol, smoking during the tour.

4. Pregnant women may not join this tour.

5. Please refrain from using cell phones during the walk.

6. About morning tour. Accommodation for the night prior to this tour must be a hotel in the Utoro area. Participants will be picked up from their hotel 10 to 15 minutes prior to the tour. Pick-up service is handled by SHINRA.


Age 13 & over:JPY 5,100

Age 7 - 12:JPY 2,600

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