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Green season's Tours


About reservations for experiences

Advance reservations are required for each experience.Please make a reservation request from each detail page at the bottom.If the tour is not full, we will accept reservation requests until 9:00 a.m. 2 days before the event.(Reception for the next season is scheduled to start 3 months before the set period)

We do not individually contact you when there is a waiting list for cancellations or vacant seats.

Even if the experience is fully booked, seats may become available at the last minute.After 9:00 a.m. after closing 2 days in advance, you can view the experiences that can be booked under "Availability".Last-minute reservations (immediate reservations) are possible for experiences that have vacant seats.

>>Experiences that start in the morning are available until 5:00 p.m. the day before.

>>Experiences that start in the afternoon are available until 3 hours before the start.

【Notes on immediate reservations from 2 days in advance! ]

1. Please check the details of your reservation carefully, as a cancellation fee will be charged if you change your reservation due to a mistake.

2. If there are no seats available for "Pick-up and drop-off", only "On-site gathering" seats will be available. The option of "On-site gathering" is only available to those traveling by rental car. "On-site gathering" is not possible on foot. (Transportation by public transportation is difficult due to the number of flights, boarding and alighting locations, and number of vehicles.) If you do not use a rental car but make a reservation for "On-site gathering", the reservation will be cancelled.

3. If you have already made a reservation and make this instant reservation for the purpose of changing the date and time, a cancellation fee will be charged.

4. Please be sure to check and understand the experience details page and each information page on the website before making a reservation.


Click here for today's and tomorrow's availability

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*Start time etc. differ depending on the period.

3 hours

Adult: 5100 JPN YEN

Child: 3000 JPN YEN

Period: 21th APR to 8th NOV

The five lakes offer beautiful views of the surrounding mountains and wilderness, and provide visitors an easy way to experience Shiretoko's unspoiled nature.

Combo plan with Shiretoko GOKO lakes

Course office in UTORO

Adult: 10,300 JPN YEN

Child: 5,600 JPN YEN

8:30 SHIRETOKO five lakes tour

14:30 Brown Bear Course in UTORO

15st,May - 30th,SEP

Combo[B] with Whalewatching course

9:00 Whale course and 14:30 five lakes

Course office in RAUSU

Period: 1st,JUN - 30th,SEP

Adult: 13,000 JPN YEN

Child:   6,900 JPN YEN

*There is no pick-up sirvice for those "Combo plan", please move to each place by your car (rental).



1 hour and half

Adult: 3100 JPN YEN

Child: 2000 JPN YEN

Period: 1st APR to 30th NOV

Furepe Waterfall drops down a steep cliff into the Sea of Okhotsk on the spectacular western coast of the Shiretoko Peninsula.

8:00-11:00 / 14:00-17:00 (13:00)

3 hours

Adult: 5100 JPN YEN

Child: 3000 JPN YEN

Period: 1st APR to 30th NOV

The guide will you take to deep forest and beautiful view point of SHIRETOKO peninsula.We will use the trail which only the guide known.

The minimum amount of running staff is 2 people.


1 hour and falf

Adult: 4000 JPN YEN

Child: 3000 JPN YEN

Period: 20th APR to 30th NOV

Customers ride on guide’s car and go to place can see beautiful stars. You might be see red fox, YEZO deer, and other wild animals if you are lucky enough.


9 hours

Adult: 11000 JPN YEN

Child: 5900 JPN YEN

Period: Apr 27th - Jun 30st, Oct 1st - Nov 4th

It is a set plan that allows you to visit 4 of the eight scenic views of SHIRETOKO.

9:00-10:30 / 14:00-15:30

1 hour and half

Adult: 3100 JPN YEN

Child: 2000 JPN YEN

Period: 1st SEP to middle of NOV

There is a river about big things and small things 90 in SHIRETOKO. The Cham salmon returns to one's river born.
You will see the powerful going up of the salmon.


5 hour and half

Age13 & over: 8000 JPN YEN

Period: Jun 10th - 30th, Sep 1st - Oct 10th(9/14~9/16 and 9/21~23 except)

Lake RAUSU is biggest lake in the SHIRETOKO peninsula.

For the Lake RAUSU, 3 km one way it's takes 90 min.

The minimum amount of running staff is 2 people.

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