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◆ About Payment

① What is the timing of payment?

Answer:Please pay to the guide at the time of the tour.

② How to pay for it?

Answer:You can pay by cash, Credit card and Smartphone payment service.


◆ About Our Tour schedule

① Where are tour pick-up / dissolution locations?

Answer:It can be a local assembly and a dissolution or a hotel, road station and Utoro Onsen Bus Terminal in the Utoro area. Abashiri, Shiretoko Shari Station, Rausu cannot be picked up or dissolved.

The meeting place for each tour is listed on each tour page. Please check it.

② Go by route bus. Can I join the tour after arrival?

Answer:Some tours are not available depending on the arrival time. Please check here.

③ Can I participate in other tours after participating in the tour?

Answer:When combining several tours, there are tours that cannot be combined depending on the end time. Please check here for details.

④ Is the "one day tour" or "set tour" lunch included?

Answer:Lunch is not included in the tour price. Please have lunch freely after the dissolution. For recommended restaurants, please contact the guide on the day.

◆ About belongings

① What are the clothing and belongings for the tour during the green season?

Answer:Please come in comfortable clothes and prepare rain gear.


② Can I walk with sneakers?

Answer:The boardwalk is an unpaved road. There are tree roots and stones, so we recommend walking with mountain shoes. However, the Shiretoko Five Lakes and Furepe Waterfall are well maintained, so you can take a walk with sneakers. You cannot walk with sandals. If there are large puddles on the boardwalk and it is difficult to walk, you may be asked to wear boots.

③ What kind of rain gear is recommended?

Answer:We recommend one that is separated from the top and bottom. The vinyl type sold at convenience stores and home centers can also be used.

④ Do I need a bear-bell?
Answer:You do not need. The guide recognizes and judges the sound that the brown bear makes. This is not necessary because the sound of a brown bear may be overwhelmed by the sound of a bell.

⑤ Is it possible to bring in a scented insect repellent spray?
Answer:There are no restrictions on bringing insect repellents into Shiretoko Five Lakes.

⑥ What are the clothes and belongings for the winter tour season?
Answer:The Snowshoeing strolls outside. Please come in clothes that can protect against the cold. If the temperature is low, your phone battery will drain quickly. It is useful to have a warmer to warm your phone.


⑦ What kind of snow boots do you recommend?
Answer:We recommend one that has a length up to the calf. Participation is possible even for the length of the ankle. Trekking shoes, ugg boots, etc. can get snow from the hem or soak. Please take waterproof measures to avoid frostbite.

⑧ Can I rent clothes?
Answer:There is no rental wear except Ice walking tour (dry suits and gloves) and Snowshoe. Please prepare rainwear, snow boots and appropriate clothes by yourself.

◆ About RYUHYO walk

① Is it possible to bring my camera on the RYUHYO walk?
Answer:You can keep your mobile phone and camera in the waterproof bag of the guide. We can keep to one camera for a group.
However, since it is a program on drift ice, 100% waterproofing cannot be guaranteed. We are not responsible for any submergence, loss, loss or damage during the tour. Depending on the drift ice situation, you may not be able to keep your camera. Please note.

② What cameras can I bring in?
Answer:Please contact us if you wish to bring a camera not listed in the table below. SLRs and digital cameras can be brought in, but not recommended. A single-lens reflex camera cannot be kept by a guide. Please note. 


③ Can I take a photo at any time?
Answer:You can only shoot in places where the guide has judged safety. Depending on the drift ice situation, shooting may not be permitted. Please be forewarned. The guide can also press the shutter with your camera, so please call out if you want.

④ Can I bring my bag?
Answer:Items that meet the following conditions can be brought in.
・The inside is tightly sealed 
・Hung from shoulder 
・can use both hands
The drift ice is very slippery with many irregularities. When bringing bag, please be careful not to fall on drift ice.

⑤ Do I need winter clothes?
Answer:Wear a special dry suit and tour. You can wear it from the top of the clothes. Please remove the jacket and ski wear when wearing. Pants style. Please note that you cannot participate in a skirt. My feet get cold. Please prepare warm and long socks.
The suit has a hood, but please prepare a knit hat that can cover your ears to keep you warm.

⑥ Do I need gloves?

Answer:You do not need. We will rent a dedicated glove.

⑦ What kind of shoes do I need?
Answer:Dedicated shoes are integrated with the dry suit. Take off your shoes when changing clothes and wear a dry suit.

◆ In case of bad weather

① Are we still going if it rains?
Answer:Tours are also conducted in case of rain and snow. Please prepare kappa (raining gear) that is separated from the top and bottom. Please prepare a waterproof cold protection in winter. 

② What about the payment? Tour was called off because of the bad weather.
Answer:If safety cannot be ensured, the tour may be canceled. In that case, we will contact you by email or phone. Because it is a natural phenomenon, there is a possibility that the cancellation decision will be immediately before. We kindly ask for your understanding.

③ When will the drift ice coming?
Answer:Drift ice usually coming from late January to early February. Around the end of March, it will melt as the temperature rises, leaving the shore. The day when drift ice arrives and the day when it leaves the coast changes every year because it comes to Shiretoko on the north wind. It depends on the weather. Drift ice is a natural phenomenon. Please note.

◆ Cancellation / change of reservation

① I would like to cancel my reservation, change my accommodation / pick-up location / participation date / tour.
Answer:Please send e-mail to with your full name and your booking number.

② I would like to change / add / cancel the number of participants
Answer:Please send e-mail to with your full name and your booking number.
The cancellation fee will be charged for cancellation within 1 week of participation date. When adding, if there is no vacant seat, it cannot be accepted. Please note.

​*Cancellations made after 19:00 Japan time will be processed the next day.

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