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Tour time:

6:30* / 9:30 / 13:00 / 15:30

*The tour start from 6:30 is only for person who stay in UTORO at the day.

Total 90 min


1st.FEB - 31th.MAR

Entry qualifications:

Persons who is 7 years old or more can join this tour.

Only those under 74 years old can participate.
Persons whose height is 130 cm or less may not join this tour.  

Not more than 190cm / 110kg.


***About Tour Period***

The ice will come during first week on FEB. The possibility that a tour is held by the end of January is very low.

Therefore, we do not normally accept reservations for January.
(This may change depending on the ice conditions, so please check the website frequently)


​*Please refrain from taking videos during the guide commentary.

*About Ryuhyo(ICE) walk tour.
Our dry suits is a product for people that more than our 130 centimeters.
So, we can't accept it who less than 130 cm join the Ice walking tour.
We will check the kid's height b
efore the tour. It’s become canceled if kid's height is smaller than 130 cm. And you need to pay for canceling.

1. The tour may be operated under special conditions or cancelled depending on drift ice proximity to the shore.

2. The dry suit is worn over participants' normal clothing and has attached boots. Long pants, a sweater, and fleece jacket are recommended. The dry suit cannot be worn with a skirt, coat or outer jacket. Clothing under the dry suit will stay dry, but the cuffs of clothing may get wet. Wearing a hat is recommended, but note that it may get wet.

3. Please refrain from consuming alcohol immediately before the tour, and refrain from consuming alcohol, eating or smoking during the tour.

4. Pregnant women may not join this tour.

5. Please refrain from using cell phones during the walk.

6. Accommodation for the night prior to this tour must be a hotel in the Utoro area. Participants will be picked up from their hotel 10 to 15 minutes prior to the tour. Pick-up service is handled by SHINRA.

***Please make your plan with the condition of having spare time.

You CANNOT JOIN Ice walking tour if you are...

/// If you arrive at 6:30 by bus, you cannot join the tour start from 6:30.

because sometime bus become late by road condition.

/// If you want to take a bus leaving at 17:00, you cannot join the Tour start from 15:30.

because the tour sometime become longer than 90 minutes by Ice condition.


Age 13 & over:JPY 6,000

Age 7 - 12:JPY 6,000

About RYUHYO(ICE) walking tour

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